We LOVE doing wine tours. They are our specialty. Located in the heart of Southern Oregon Wine Country with new wineries opening up every year, we have become the local wine tour experts! Please see our prices page for a break down of wine tour pricing.

Please be advised that wine tours are an elegant event, this is not the time to bring hard alcohol, but maybe a bottle of wine, champagne, and some cheese and crackers to compliment the tastings.

Most of the wineries do have a tasting charge, when you email or call to get a quote please realize that our rate does not include the tasting fees.  The charge is usually about $5-10 per person but is sometimes waived if you purchase bottles of wine from the vineyard.

Wine Tours


Medford, Oregon

We offer 4 hour and 6 hour tour packages and the weekend tours book up quickly. We can usually visit an average of 4 wineries in a 6 hour tour. If you would like our recommendations of which wineries to tour, please give us a call.

We recommend finishing your tour with a nice dinner in Jacksonville, Ashland, or downtown Medford. Listed below are a few of the popular stops in each region of Southern Oregon.

Upper Rogue Tour

Ledger David Cellars - 541-664-2218

Del Rio Vineyards - 541-855-2062

Folin Cellars - 541-855-2018

Kriselle Cellars - 541-830-8466

Cliff Creek Cellars - 541-855-5330

Rogue Valley Tour

2 Hawk Winery - 541-779-9463

Eden Vale Winery - 541-512-2955x2

Roxy Ann Winery - 541-776-2315

Paschal Winery - 541-535-7957

Wiesingers of Ashland - 541-488-5389

Del Rio Vineyards - 541-855-2062

Belle Fiore Estate - 541-488-9765

Dana Campbell - 541-482-3798

Irvine Vineyards - 541-482-9383

Applegate Valley Tour

Valley View Winery - 541-899-8468

Augustino Estate - 541-596-2818

Red Lily Vineyards - 541-846-6800

Troon Vineyards - 541-846-9900

Cowhorn Vineyard - 541-899-6876
Rosella’s Vineyard - 541-846-6372

South Stage Cellars - 541-899-9120

Dancin Vineyards - 541-245-1133

Fiasco Winery - 541-846-3022

Rellik Vineyards - 541-499-0449

Quady North Winery - 541-702-2123

Serra Vineyards - 541-846-9223

Schmidt Family - 541-846-9985